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Jayne VanOeffelen Staff Photo

Hello- I'm Jayne Towle VanOeffelen. I have been employed with St. Mary School for 16 years as a teachers aide for Preschool and in the past, Kindergarten. I have a special place in my heart for St. Mary's, I am an alumni!!!! I always say that the hallways speak to me as I make my way through out them during the day. My memories are fond and very special to me.  My husband Mark and I have 2 wonderful daughters, Rachel (25) and Laura (23) and they too are alumni of St. Mary School. Mark and I were married here at St. Mary Church in 1990 and attend mass regularly. As having a job or work goes, this is neither of them for me. I love coming to school every single day and I, without a doubt, feel as if this is where God has chosen me to be.